Trapped amidst those famous red light streets,                                             Cigarettes and cocaine became her only sweets.

Dirty looks ,dirty talks, a daily affair. Different sizes, part of her business not so rare.

She satisfies each one of them,
adorning a body bargained since eighteen.
Goes down on her knees now and then,
a part of her high paid routine.

Humanity resents her- a dirty whore.
Only money, she expects nothing more.
Between the self-inflicted wounds her days pass.
Fifty and still a woman without class.

Aged and now grown weak,
They say she is no more a tight grip.
Still some thrust her hard and deep,
Free condoms her only tip.

Many loathe her,even her name,
For she is not a part of their fame..
Happy she is, in her solitude,
Yes, she is the prostitute.

68 thoughts on ““THE PROSTITUTE”

  1. This article made me cry…. I hope I can do something to change the world with no prostitute. No more whore because of the poverty… But since from medieval times, a whore has already existed. The blog page background black relates to the topic.

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      1. You’re most welcome!

        I will tell you one of my stories. When I was 14 years old, I have been with a DJ in the club.
        While I am inside the club, I talked with one of the whores an 18 years old young lady.

        I asked her: “Why you are doing that kind of job”

        She replied: “Because she ran away from their house”

        And she told me that their family is rich. She just wanted only to prove that she can do something that her family will be proud of her. And we stopped talking.

        In my thoughts that there is a different reason why people choose to be involved in prostitution. I have a limited knowledge when it comes to this kind of discussion.

        I just wanted to share what I have experienced talking with whores.

        I am sorry if I offended someone. I don’t mean it. My apology.

        My only wish is “I hope I can change the world”

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      2. Yes… There are so many reasons on why people get involved in prostitution… But no one in the world has any right to judge them. No one. They are humans too… Not criminals… People should not look down upon them. And I am happy to know that you want to change the world… I am sure, you will. 😍😊

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  2. Thank you for posting about this subject. It shouldn’t be taboo.
    It’s terribly sad when a woman turns to prostitution owing to financial need – because she and her children are hungry, or to pay for an addiction. On the other hand, a high-class prostitute (in the is UK we call them escorts) is often treated with respect by her clients. I know someone who became an escort in order to give her children a better chance in life. Before she started her job she was shy, introverted and paranoid, but after a few months she gained confidence and started to make friends. She felt empowered by it – but it’s not that way for the women who walk the streets searching for clients. They’re rarely treated like human beings with feelings.

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    1. Agreed. Also I started writing about all these issues because I have seen the society, mostly my own society and the way women of such profession are treated here is pathetic. And then the same society talks about Women Empowerment. This sheer hypocrisy has always disturbed me deeply. Could not silence that inner voice of mine and so I started writing. There was no other way to voice out my feelings… Glad you like what I write. Thanky you so much for your appreciation. ❤ Much love..

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  3. I sold my own body at 18 years old. It has been taken without my permisssion so many times I figured it was time I actually got paid for the violation. Payment did not give me the validation I thought it would. Just made me feel I had now sold my soul along with my body.
    You have written about this well.

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  4. And there was a time when the “nagarbadhus” were well versed in sixty four “kalas” ( art forms) and the oldest profession on earth was not looked down upon as of today.
    Your subject matter is bold and you articulate it in strong words. Hope to read more of you.

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    1. Very true… The profession should not be looked down upon and more so the women. They are human beings, not filth.. and people need to understand this.
      I am glad you read it. Thank you for the appreciation… 😊

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    1. It is a brutal existence indeed… We have to fight to survive… But then, let it be a fair fight for each obe who exists… No one should create that binary of inferiority and superiority… All should be given the equal rights to fight for their existence, even if brutal. I feel sad when I see such binaries being created and the hypocrisy makes me sad and angry…

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      1. Makes you wonder about religion, huh/ Christians who lie or disregard their supposed values, as much as any other “belief”. I am being honest about my own chosen faith here–Ghandi went Hindu because the Christians he observed didn’t wakk as they sometimes preached!

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  5. Oh this word. This most abused word. Prostitute. I wrote something related to this too. Will be updating soon.
    You are brave with your words and writing. The kind of girls we really need. Thank you for standing up for so many.!

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