“A Pious Disgrace”


“It is that time of the month” they say and shrink back…
Is it the time to smell the iron and the shame between my legs..?
Is this a gift of Innana that courses through me?

I hear them whispering, gossiping.
And those warnings,
they never stop coming;
“Watch out for your daughter, it is that time of the month… ”
The flow might wake up my hoe soul.
They worry.
And what if I spread my legs?
Sin? Yes… unforgivable, Sin.

I too worry.. But our worries differ.
As I continue to shed my insides, I worry…
“How they never noticed the cry of my body ?
How they never acknowledged
that life comes from between our legs,
that life costs blood…… ”

Such hypocrisy… astounding.
When humane they despise.
When idols they worship.
A pious disgrace, my existence.

58 thoughts on ““A Pious Disgrace”

  1. Deep. Life comes at a cost, monthly… Life that the woman bears… cost that the woman bears.
    The real shame is on men that neither bear life nor bear the cost, and still lacks in chivalry and compassion for women…


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    1. Glad you like it… 😊.
      And yes its sad and shameful that men do not understand the pain of women but in our society even Women aren’t compassionate enough towards women… I chose and wrote about this topic mainly bcz in my country even now, in some parts , this monthly cycle is considered as a limitation for women. That they become impure during those days, should not be touched by anyone or should not go out anywhere etc… And these taboos are still existing… But then during festivals the same society worships the Female idols or goddesses.
      I just wanted people to feel the hypocrisy here…

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  2. It’s true !
    Why do we need to hide something that’s natural? There is no need to be ashamed of these things ! But keeping privacy is a different thing . You don’t need to set your limits like – dont touch pickle ; stay away from that boy! Etc etc.
    I am an indian and i know stereotypes here . But im glad that my mum and grand mum are not like that.
    Im 15 so I also know the feelings and how scared we are at the first time!
    You express soo nicely . You are an awesome write I’ve ever met . I think for new generation you are a role model for being frank and open and to raise their voices for bad thing πŸ˜‰
    Hats off mam hats offπŸ˜‰

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    1. I glad you can relate more to this bcz you are from India… And thank you so much for reading this and appreciating this…. Hope you will like my other works too. Much love.. ❀


  3. Is it the time to smell the iron and the shame between my legs..?
    what a powerful way to speak Sushmita ❀ Loved this..! you are brave with your words. πŸ™‚

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