“Let Loose..”



Oh Victoria, your secret hurts.

But she has to keep.
‘Keep what…? The secret…?’
Yes… And the pain.

She wants to let loose.
Let loose her hair…
Go braless.
But they call it shame.

‘Push up now..’ they say.
There are worms inside your skin.
Let the wire of the cups dig inside your flesh.
But she is scared.
‘What if the catterpillars turn into butterflies…
and die in a day..?’

They are least bothered.

Bras offend.
So do your curves.
And you know what? So does a flat chest.
So layer them up.

‘What? You can’t breath easy..?’
Because you are not supposed to.
Has history taught you nothing…?


94 thoughts on ““Let Loose..”

  1. Back in the hippy era, women stopped wearing bras. It was so much more comfortable, and I’d like to see those days return. I said that to a man recently. He replied “but you have to wear bras, or your breasts will end up hanging around your knees.
    So there you have it – we have to wear bras, so that we look nice for men. Huh…

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    1. Its sad, people force their opinions on Women like you have to wear a bra… No one should tell me what I should do with my body.. But you know, like you said about that man. Men like him, they think god has given a body to women just to satisfy and make the men happy… But they will run away if you tell them the amount of pain a woman’s body has to bear from birth till death..

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  2. You are amazing. Why do they force to wear these kinds of tight bras . I can imagine and can estimate it was all to attract men and to show false beauty of a women . But they dunno how it pained or felt. It was maybe like body is packed in tight plastic cover . Ew ew ew .
    So cruel things our history offers us sometimes.😠

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  3. Both my late Mother and indeed my wife—didn’t go out without a bra on! Mom thought it was good for her and my wife must think the same…! but both allowed themselves to breathe—so breathe, please! It sounds like experience talking here? I, too write poetry based on life—although much more mundane!

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  4. Even as a guy I got a grin out of this post because I have known of these issues and thoughts from ladies that I have known in my life, including from my wife. I am going to reblog this article for you, I hope that you are able to have a good week ahead for you.

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  5. Wow! Comments are flooding. I just stumbled upon this as I was surfing WP before calling it a day….

    “Let loose” made me think of an inspirational article to get rid of stress or pain something by freaking out… But when I started reading the whole poem I realised it’s something very new for me as a reader. It’s a great poem and beautifully depicted an issue.

    Now, let me get into the issue a bit. ‘Bra’ is an apparel for females not only to look good and beautiful to men but it also boost the morale of a girl, a woman when she walks out in public. Probably you will agree to that fact. Now society and it’s standards have started to change. Females are being given liberty in somany fields… Then why not this field of wearing anything she wants…??? But it is necessary to understand how she is gonna manage wearing or not wearing something.

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    1. Glad you liked tge issue I addressed. Also in my opinion I think there is no prblm in wearing a bra. But the choice should be rightfully gvn to the individual wearing that bra. If the person wants to wear it then fine. If that person doesnt want to wear it, that is fine too. So wearing or not wearing should be a personal choice and not the choice of the society. And these were the points I wanted to bring out through this piece..

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      1. Perfect. Agreed with you πŸ’―%.
        The rules which a certain society impose mindlessly are unacceptable. Like our system does about our choice of food even… That’s unacceptable. A female has the right to choose what type of bra she wears or doesn’t wear at all…

        Can’t believe I am discussing about ‘wearing a bra’ with a lecturer at 1am in the night. Lol πŸ˜‚

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      2. Your writings have life in it. As you have explained what’s the purpose of this blog – “you being a voice of those who can’t be heard”… Wow! I was so touched with that line. I wanted to comment but there is no scope to comment under the bio.

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      3. Sushmita, Good Morning!

        The current topic is “Ever been misunderstood”. Would you like to write for this Saturday? Please check Candles Online to know what others have already written. I trust you will have so much to say on this topic. Just let me know whether you can write or not… I have to message here as I don’t have any other mode to reach you. Waiting eagerly…

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      4. I am sorry, I have been very busy these days because of my exams. And I missed that topic you gave me. But I can write on the upcoming topics if you have any. Plz add me on insta, search for _mayabritta and then I can dm you my contact details. Then it will be easy to communicate.

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      1. Yes! Like at 5 pm everyday when I’m walking in from work haha! When women say β€œwe are relaxing in our cosies” we mean β€œsans brassiere” πŸ˜€….. ahhh!


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