“A Raped Soul.”


Photo Credits – Madhurjya Borah



Once upon a time, there lived a little boy.
He said he was scared..
And uncertain of his existence.
Wait a second,
Can you hear his voice..?

“Can you hear my voice..?
I can still hear mine.
The way I cried STOP….
But he said, ‘Shh….’
And I made no noise.

He touched me..
Said he loved me.
It pained,
I restrained.
But then he hit me, ripped my shirt..
Pushed himself in, to a point where it hurt.
The power he had over my body and heart…

I see children being loved…
Loved by their parents.
But can I understand that word called LOVE..?
I guess my Father shoved the wrong definition between my thighs.
I was eight
My mind, terrorized.

Now, dirty from malice
I have a body – disgraced.
My soul – raped. ”


96 thoughts on ““A Raped Soul.”

      1. ❀❀ Thank you for eGd mrng Mr genius…πŸ–€ Kli after you slept I realisd so mny thngs… tmi ki ki bujalu muk n all .. I was just sipping dem all into myself. Thank you for yesterday. Yes atia tmi koba thnk you kobo nlaage. But trust me, kobo lge… πŸ™‚ Ok then, have a good day… πŸ–€ncouraging words

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  1. Is it real? I dunno why people let go of bitchsons who do these cruel things . Sorry to use slang words but i cant control when I read posts related to these kind of discriminations. I dunno why men can’t satisfy with one women that is their wife . Why they move to another girls in order to feed themselves !

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  2. This is so beautiful…not pretty beautiful but beautiful like the glow of a burning wood
    I suppose that’s how she is on whom this poem is based…beautiful.
    Gave me the chills.

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    1. Oh …. That was a terrible thing that had happened ….πŸ˜ͺ Its actually impossible for me to even think and believe that such kind of entities with all sorts of animalistic instinct are still present in this world .. That is the whole point I have been writing… Because I could never keep silent knowing that such incidents have been taking place now and then, and the only way to let it out was through my writing..

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      1. You are kind and brave. None of her family would discuss it—until the half brother died…AND THEN it rose to the surface! god bless you for your quest of opening up dark human corners to the healing light of day! πŸ™‚

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      2. Thank you so much sir…. I always wanted to do something for the goodness of human beings , did not know how… I felt I was too trivial to make a difference.. But then literature made me realise that I can use my words to give voice to all the caged birds of this world…

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    2. Also, thank you for liking my work and thank you for the encouragement… Will keep writing on such issues and will try to give voice to the ignored and unheard of our society… Thank you again.. 😊

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  3. Please know how beautiful you are and how vital your words. Unfortunately, our legions span every Country, Race, class and beyond around the world.

    Thank you so very much for choosing to follow one of my blogs. LΓ©a

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