“Hoping to taste Marlboros someday, she smiles.”


Smoke drifts up and up,
As cigarettes sweep into her lungs
perfectly in sync with her heavy breathing…
From the end of the slim white stick
Residual ashes fall, cold and powdered.
She can hear it singe- the paper burning;
She can feel the thing- a beautiful sadness inside her soothing;
Almost done now.
The empty filter of tar burns and comforts her life’s lies….
Hoping to taste Marlboros someday, she smiles.


26 thoughts on ““Hoping to taste Marlboros someday, she smiles.”

  1. Not being a smoker I can’t appreciate the urge for smoking Marlboros. Memories of Marlboro Man ad only brings to mind a man slowly being killed by smoking.
    Your subjects are bold and writing style interesting.

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    1. Haha, your memory of Marlboro Man ad is not just a memory, but the truth. Smoking actually is bad and can kill people. My intention was not to glamourize smoking but I just used it as a metaphor to describe the sadness and lonliness of the girl. 😁

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