“HER TRADITIONAL NIGHT” (A poem against Female Genital Mutilation.)

Note: This poem is based on the practice of FGM, a practice that most societies consider holy. But FGM is a sin, a sin against humanity. We must know that not only does it break the strength of women, it also breaks their souls. Please, if you are in a society where FGM is practiced then please do not sit and watch or read about it on newspapers and mourn the loss of women who go through it. Instead, educate the people on the need to leave souls untouched, in order for them to help the bodies grow.

I want to give a voice to all the unheard cries of women  who had to go through FGM so that people understand their plight. And so I dedicate this poem to all the women who had to suffer because of this insanity carried out in the name of religion and tradition.


Illegal Female Genital Mutilation Cutters Show Off Their Tools



Alone but far from alone
she bloomed like a delicate flower.
A beautiful child
she grew in sun and shower.
Then soon came that night – that long painful night.
The night when she saw her mother weep bitter tears.
‘What is it mother? Should I weep too?’ she asked.
Just a child, she knew not of the predestined fears.
Putting her hand upon the little girl’s head, the mother caressed her.
Showed her the bed.
Said, ‘it is your traditional night love, lay down here.’

Her traditional night.
The night when several women held her hands and feet – holy act or a sin?
She could see the blade like shape approaching.
Wondered what was in between her legs – such a wrong thing?
And then began the slaughtering.. Passing a blunt and cruised blade, they   rubbed through her clit.
Stuffing a cloth into her mouth,
muffled her screams and continued with the slit.
The cutting – not done yet.
The blade –  not sharp, shit..
And the blood ?                               Flowing like piss – warm and fresh.
The little girl kept groaning in vain.
Oh ! Felt as if in front of a butcher..
And she, a pig of only ten brought in for the slaughter.

Million painful moments passed.
One woman then whispered into her ears..
‘You are now pure. You are now circumcised.’
Slowly, her screams subdued.
Her womanhood, mutilated.
And no one cared.
After all, it was all a holy sight.
After all, it was her traditional night.

80 thoughts on ““HER TRADITIONAL NIGHT” (A poem against Female Genital Mutilation.)

  1. Barbaric act so vividly described! Your poetry is poignant and bold Sushmita. Kudos for that!
    Women are the worst enemies of their own gender. As mothers, mother-in-laws and wives, they accept the conservative unwritten laws and inflict untold suffering on each other. They have to rise against their own blindness and lack of awareness.

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    1. Glad you commented. Means a lot. ❤ And yes women are no more soul mates, they have rather become soul hunters.. inflicting pain on each other.. Its really sad.. Hope these pathetic scenarios change, soon.. And they unite together to make the world a better place..

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  2. Sushmita I missed your writings.
    You voiced the pain so well. This is such a horrific act, and it’s practised still. Oh on the name of tradition what they do.
    Kudos to you to voice the pain.

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    1. Its really touching sometimes you know.. to realise that my works were missed here, by the blogging community… Really, you saying this means a lot as well… Thank you, for all the appreciation.. I really look upto your comments… And yes, this topic needed to be discussed, so thought of writing a poem on it.. Glad you liked it.

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  3. I know this has existed for a long time. I know it occurs still. I have read books, watched documentaries. It is barbaric and regressive to the max. Subjugation of women has got to be at its root, as it is with all Patriarchal structures. It is nothing less than mutilation in one of its worst forms, robbing a woman of any sexual pleasure whatsoever, but also causing her endless suffering and pain (and even death). These wounds often do not heal.

    Life is not a walk in the park, but in order to think ourselves human, we need to stop intentionally abusing one another. We need to rise up, united against these kinds of horrors perpetrated on our own children.

    Male circumcision is another horror in my opinion, causing men to lose sensitivity that might otherwise help them be more sensitive companions. And on and on it goes. I applaud you tackling this topic. Aloha.

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    1. Yes, male circumcision too is a sin against humanity… Actually after reading a lot about these topics, I was writing a poem on male circumcision some weeks back but then I came cross this one movie called Desert Flower where a journey of a circumcised girl who becomes a super model and a well known feminist later is shown… Was really moved by it, also was angry and sad at the same time to know that girls are circumcised not only as a part of tradition but also because the men in their societies feel that cutting them off would stop them from indulging in sexual affairs and pleasure. I mean really, how can people be so so stupid and inhuman….. I didnot know where to channel my feelings and then thought I would change the subject of my poem from he to she because first I wanted to write about the nurturer of life who is often killed for various ridiculous practices of the society.

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      1. Saw the movie, it was a good one. And definitely crazy to think a man (as opposed to a woman, we wanting connection and preferably reciprocity) would Not want his partner responsive. Is he (either individual or collective) that insecure as a lover that if he can’t satisfy her, she simply goes elsewhere? So that edge of a threat means no woman is going to enjoy her sexuality?

        Ok, so I realize I’m judging these men by Western standards. I am Very aware of that. Still, gosh, is that element of our greater Collective still that ignorant? I think we know the answer to that, and, well, to me it’s just sad. Because mutilation of either gender assures undue suffering as well as the assumption that somehow Creation got it wrong. At least in my humble opinion.

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      2. I completely agree.. Mutilation of either gender should be stopped .. And about the greater collective being ignorant or not, well may be not when it comes to the educated lot. But there are still countries and societies where illiteracy is still seen. And may be because they are not educated enough, they cannot understand the stupidity of those horrible practices.. But then again, Recently a similar incident happened in my country, India.. Reports of FGM still in practice came in from one of the largest cities in India, called Mumbai.. Ironic. So, after reading such news I really question myself sometimes that where in lies the problem.. who should we blame, the educated or the uneducated… or the men or women… or their thought processes.. or how to change it and stop such horrible practices.. Its sad.. Really sad.

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      3. Yes, Sushmita, education makes all the difference. And I understand in many countries it’s not free for kids to go to school, and learning is frowned upon by those who never had the opportunity. Ignorance is a word, not always with a negative connotation – just a word meaning ‘ignorant of,’ perhaps.

        I have a friend from Pune and others who have traveled to Mumbai, so I know a bit about some of the dire conditions that might perpetuate old style practices. Still, there are those who can educate people anywhere – it’s just finding the right people who can approach the problem with sensitivity for the culture they’re trying to enlighten.

        Anyhow, hoping the movement away from these horrible practices gains traction. Aloha.

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    1. Thank you so much for giving your perspective… Appreciated. ❤ And yes, such horrible acts need to stop.. Its really sad that people are getting killed in the name of tradition.


      1. I commented in a hurry earlier. I first learned about this some time ago on Oprah. I was in shock that this happens. Those poor women are literally butchered. Culture or religion or tradition, it’s wrong! I wish the women could see this is not right and fight back or make a huge change in their culture. They need a revolution led by women to not accept mutilation anymore. Thank you for shedding light on it again.

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      2. Thank you… for reading it and giving your views on it once again… Yes the women need to fight back and some have actually.. Revolutionaries or not I do not know, but there have been brave women who came to the front and urged other women to no let themselves suffer.. But the problem is with the women as well. They too feel they are impure if they donot go through this practice.. Its sad that they are not able to understand the power of their feminity.. Its sad.. And I hope this mindset changes soon…

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. 😊 And yes it is disturbing. Only reading this made you unforcomfortable, now imagine about the plight of women and even men who go through this.. I guess there is nothing left of the world where a mind will be without fear.. Its sad.

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  4. You are such a good writer … you took my hand and led me through this atrocity to reveal the truth often swept under the rug in Western cultures. We float in our superficial ignorance of such physical and spiritual mutilation.

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    1. Was reading a lot about the issue, felt should write something to channel my anger and pain… so came up with this poem. Also, Its so good to know that you really appreciate what I write.. Thank you so much love.. ❤

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      1. I can feel the power of your motivation in your words!
        What a great find your blog is; I sense a kindred spirit 😌🌸
        My pleasure to be lingering in Sushmita’s world ❤️

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      2. And my pleasure to be interacting with you… 😊 Your comments give me positivity and inspiration to create good work.. and btw, Hey Kindred… I send you lots of love and good wishes, all the way from India… 😊❤❤


  5. Was reading a lot about the issue, felt should write something to channel my anger and pain… so came up with this poem. Also, Its so good to know that you really appreciate what I write.. Thank you so much love.. ❤


  6. What a tremendous heart felt pouring of truth.. As you delivered the horror, the pain, this terrible mutation that this vile act upon womanhood, in the name of being kept pure.. I hope more come to read these heart wrenching words of truth you have magnificently penned here. This has to stop..

    Love and Blessings.. ❤

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      1. My best friend stays in Jorhat, Choladhora. Moi kintu Tezpuror he. Right now University t. Pise Jorhat goie thaku, its beautiful… 😊😊😊 Feeling great that we met, haha… Never thought would meet a fellow assamese here… But now I have, such a good feeling.. ❤


  7. This pain!!!!! Could feel this horror and pain through your words.. As if something was crawling its way up mischievously.. well written..❤️🤗
    And indeed it should not be practiced at all!! Powerful message!!

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