Few days back I was deeply disturbed and hurt by some people on sns invalidating my Indian culture, my people, our skin color, and Country in general. It still is shocking for me as to how some people can so easily spread hatred and despise a part of humanity for no reason at all. I am sharing few screenshots that mostly triggered me emotionally.. and all of the hurt led to me writing few lines. Hope you all read it and share your opinions .

Few Screenshots of those disturbing tweets..


My Melanin, I wear it with pride
All the fairness, dark patches, pigmentations, and everything in between
I wear them with pride.

The world is not black and white,
Neither some fifty shades of grey.
The world I see, is like refracting rainbows and peacock feathers… My Indianness, a part of that.
Uprooted from my ancestors,
Pushed on from generation to generation, And I wear it all with pride.

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